Are you interested in Displaying your Fresh Products with Lucky Pig Fresh Foods.

Hi Guys,

If you operate a Food Business in the Cairns, North Queensland Area you may be interested in Displaying your Amazing Fresh Foods through our ONLINE FOODSTORE.

LUCKY PIG FRESH FOODS is a specialised sales and distribution channel for Fresh Prepared Foods.

An easily accessible, bolt on Sales Channel for your Food Business. An opportunity for you to best maximise production economies using existing Staff, Equipment and Location.

Lucky Pig Fresh Foods is a Pre-Order / Next day Delivery / Made Fresh to Order Concept.

Because the products are "Made Fresh to Order"  there is no waste - no risk for producers.

There will generally be around 12 hours notice for producers before we will collect customer orders from you.

We have a wide selection of TRADER options to choose from.

Once you have decided on an option that suits your requirements, we will look after everything else .. ( except creating the product, which is of course your specialised area of expertise. )

Casual Traders can start Selling ( Actually we sell it for you ) products through our Online FoodStore at no cost at all, other than a nominal, default security deposit which is fully refundable.

Or for the more serious Traders you can sign on to a Limited Term TRADER PLAN.

TRADER PLANS have options of 1Month - 3months and 6Months Terms, and have many attractive features including locked in Display Point Allocation that you can make your own for the longer term. Your Own Display Point where your fans can come back to, and check out what goodies you have created for them for the following month. 

When the Term of your Trader Plan is nearing completion you can choose to renew, or change your Plan, or simply opt out, because you are under absolutely no obligation to continue.

For more information on joining our new concept as a TRADER / VENDOR .. PRODUCER, please drop us an email and we will forward all the relevant information you will need, to have access to this exciting Sales Channel.


Interested .. Excited ??? .. Very Very Excited ???


Please contact Lucky Pig Fresh Foods:

Cairns, Queensland, Australia.


PH:                 0499 0101 35